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Get generator from harbor freight. Best $120 bucks u will ever spend on ur tank. A little bigger than a 12 pack of bottles It will run a bunch of different things in ur tank at once. If u run dc pump and led lights good chance u can run ur entire tank with it. That sucker will run 8 hrs on a tank of gas using all the power it provides. Used a friends during Sandy and ran out a week later to get my own. Still sitting in the box but they day i need to break it out, it will all be worth it.



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For those who have Ecotech battery back=ups, remember that they die after a couple of years. But you can easily replace the inside battery (just remove the rivets and replace them by screws later).

What you need are "12180" batteries, aka 12V 18Ah. Powersonic, ExpertPower models fit exactly in the enclosure, and they are less than 40$ each.


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I purchased a solar kit from harbor freight cost me about $150 comes with 4 panels all I did was added a inverter and a dry cell battery. and works great , I use it now for a lil garden room I have. But if power goes out ill just run a power extension to the tank

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