staten island
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sweet, If we can get a few more people on board I have the perfect meeting spot. I do ton of stuff with the Varsity Club of Staten Island. I'm sure we can get a monthly meeting in the club house for free, best thing is there is a full stocked bar and room for 100 people.

nyc reefer

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Staten Island
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I'm down for regular meeting!!

Count me in, I sold my 100ga tank in December but just started a RSM-134 and need live stock it's bare lol. A club would be great to mingle and share frags and trade secret to a successful reef tank.


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Staten Island
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I was planning to start a club myself, just bought my house about a month ago and I already know a bunch of the guys out there. When the house is finished and I am officially moved in (should be the next few weeks) I will def host. My house is in great kills.

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