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Hello All,

Tanks is a Red Sea s500 (50" long for reference of size.
Images under AI Hydra no filters crappy android from 2016.
I am not a store so please ignore my weak attempt at a listing:
A. Toadstool Leather attached to rock. $45
B. Large rock with pulsing xenia and radioactive dragon eye zoas. $60
C. RBTA Anemone Small $50, Larger $75.
D. Home made Magnetic frag rack covered in Yellow Dragon zoas. $25
E. Cactus Pavona, $15 for frag plug, $100 for colony larger than my fist for sure.
F. Neon Green Candy Canes 15+ heads $50
G. Candy Canes 25+ heads $80
H. Green Leather, unsure of type $40
I. Pink GSP tock, officially a type of pipe gorgonia. grows very similar. flat rock larger than my hand spread out is $75, Have a frag for $10, or a fist sized rock for $30

Also have 4 Sunkist bounce mushrooms available. $200 larger, $75 for quarter sized.

Also have a little equipment posted RODI, Dual Reactor, Skimmer, and some other stuff.

tank shotJPG.JPG

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