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Common names: Ricordia, mushrooms, button polyps, hairy mushrooms, ricordia

Difficulty Level: Mushrooms and ridordia are some of the best beginner corals. They are easy to care for, come in a huge range of color varieties and grow quickly under most conditions.

Feeding: All species have the ability to capture prey, but that ability will vary from species to species. They can also capture nutrients directly from the water, so may prefer a slightly dirtier aquarium.

Lighting (Level 2 to 8): Mushrooms and ricordia can adapt to almost any type of lighting though they are usually happier and have better color under lower light levels.

Water flow: They are adaptable to nearly any type of flow. In some cases they will detach from rocks in order to colonize other areas and may be carried around the aquarium when under higher flow.

Placement: Mushrooms and ricordia are quick growers which may overtake other corals, so leave some room for growth.

General: They can be hard to frag due to the fact that they cannot be glued. Attaching them to small rocks with rubberbands, fishing line, or string usually works best

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