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Join us for a special 3 yr Anniversary Day Celebration!

Since its inception, SALGADO AQUATICS has moved from The Bronx to Hawthorne and now Thornwood. Along our journey, we have met many customers and even made some great friends. We love seeing the photos of your tanks and the excitement it brings to us all. We love giving guidance to the new members of this community. We laugh at the stories about the strange things that we all encounter and the things that we cannot explain. We love it all!

Whether you are a one time customer, a frequent customer, a future customer or just simply enjoy looking at our photos. We could not have done this without you. We want to thank you each and everyone of you for your continued support. Cheers to 3 years!

Now let's celebrate!
Friday, May 7th from 10am - 8pm.
Raffle begins at 6:30pm.

Still need a raffle ticket? Get a FREE ticket with every in store purchase or pick up order. No Limit!

*Raffle will be held in the parking lot.
Please wear a mask.

We will be raffling the following:
-(2) SALGADO AQUATICS $50 gift cards (1 Per Winner)
-(1 Set) B-Ionic Calcium Buffer System & Magnesium
-(2) Reef A Palooza NY Tickets (1 Per Winner)
-(1) Box Of Fritz Salt
-(1) Frozen Food Pack (Mysis & Cyclops)
-(1) Frozen Food Pack (Brine Shrimp & Coral Gumbo)
-(1 Set) AquaVitro (Fuel, Calcium, Eight.Four, Vibrance, Balance & Ions)
-(1 Set) Green Algae, Red Algae & NLS Pellets
-(1 Set) PolyLab (Reef-Roids & Pro-Carbon)
-(1 Set) PolyLab (Booster, Acids, Genesis)
-(1) Acanthophyllia (
-(1) Zoanthid Frag Pack (3 Frags)
-(1) Zoanthid Colony (Large)
-(1) Rose Gold Branching Frammer Frag
- (1) Tricolor Gold Branching Hammer (
-(1) Indo Peach Branching Hammer Frag (

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