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Black storm clownfish-ask
Wyoming white (lg)-$24.99
Frostbite clownfish-$29.99
Flurry clownfish (lg)$21.99
Naked clownfish-$24.99
Midnight clownfish-$24.99
Maine mocha-$14.99
Lightning maroon-$39.99
Premium phantom clownfish-$49.99
Davinchi xtreme-$74.99
Wide bar black gladiator$34.99
Xl black onyx pair $99.99
Black Darwin-$17.99
Ultra black phantoms-$39.99
Southwestern CT
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Not related to clowns, but was there on Black Friday, picked up some fish at some amazing prices, including five anthias which were being sold as dispar for $10 each.

Best match I've found for them are Pseudanthias marcia - and they're lovely, healthy, racing one another to any food I drop in the tank!

Thank you, gentlemen!

Now, just gotta work on that yellowbelly regal angel . . .


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