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heres a list of fish in stock!!!!!!!!!!!........ but I'm also feeling down like most people in this hobby about the (coral ban) as a true hobbyist I've decided to start fragging more from our grow out and over the next three weeks i will be bringing in many corals to put a little spark back into the hobby

(all) hornets
rainbow incinerators
as well as many other zoos

wwc rainbow blastos
rr rainbow blastos

*********og mai tai acans******
*********og highlighter acan(real)
*********og skittles acans!
*********og black hole sun cans
****sola flare acans

yellow submarine favia
wolverine favia
fascination favia
war and peace favia
dayglo favia
goldrush favia
grifter favia

wwc og bounce
arc bounce autumn leaves bounce
intersteller shroom
gonzo purple dragon shroom
reefkoi bounce

orange passion
walt disney
pink floyd
black panther
(big list! please request what your looking for)
fragging as we speak once everything heals we will be bringing them to the store

Flame Angel
Coral Beuty Angel
Multibar Angel
Rusty Angel
Bicolor Angel
Elibi Angel
Bellus Angel femlale
Bellus Angel male
Regal Angel adult
Majestic Angel adult
Majestc Angel juvi
Emperor Angel juvi
Blueface Angel adult
Koran Angel adult

Yellow Tangs All sizes
Kole Tang All sizes
Tenneti Tang
Scopas Tang
Hippo Tang
Tomini Tang
Sailfin Tang
Desjardini Tang
Powder Blue Tang
Unicorn Tang
Vlamingi Tang
Convict Tang

Square Anthers Male/female
Lyretail Anthers Male/Female
Bimac Anthias Male/Female
Dispar Anthias
Evansi Anthias

Morish Idol
Copperband Butterfly
Longnose Butterfly
One spot Fox face
Scribbled Rabbitfish
Marine Betta

Clown Trigger
Niger Trigger
Bluethroat Trigger Male/Female
Bursa Trigger

Clown Wrasse
Sailfin Wrasse
4line Wrasse
Lubbock Wrasse
Cleaner Wrasse
Whipfin Wrasse
Bluestar leopard Wrasse female
Ornate Wrasse
Checkerboard Wrasse juvi
Yellow Corris Wrasse
Royal Pencil Wrasse
Jewel leopard Wrasse
Orangeback Wrasse
Banana Wrasse
Dragon Wrasse

True Percula
Gold Maroon Clown
Maroon Clown
Tomato Clown

Bangaii Cardinal
Pj Cardinal

Diamond Goby
Yasha Goby
Engeneer Goby
Valencia Goby
Yellow Watchmen Goby
Scissortail Dartfish
Purple Firefish

Porucpine Puffer
Tobin Puffer


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