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Episode 3 on Youtube HERE

In this episode we talk about pumps and cleaning pumps and ****.
And acid.
We talk about acid, and the take away should be Be ******* Careful with Acid.

Links to stuff talked about in the episode
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Sicce Pumps


Neptune Systems

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:20 Changing name?
00:00:54 Penn & Teller
00:01:23 Pumps & Acids? Nope, not yet.
00:01:44 Actual Reef ****?
00:02:42 Name us?
00:03:08 Huh? Ben’s mind is strange.
00:03:38 Now we talk pumps
00:38:54 Be careful with acid
00:43:15 Rich’s pumps
00:48:59 Rich’s upcoming events

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