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Hey guys I got a great deal on a used frag setup that is practically new.
Ran it for 2 months for growing out frags before I upgraded to a larger grow out tank
So the deal gets passed on to whoever needs a new system
Its a deep blue 45g RR (48x13x18) tank on a aqueon black pine stand
Aqueon proflex model 3 sump
Coralife 125g internal skimmer
Some heaters and power heads as well
Plumbing Bulk heads etc
The stand is a little worn but still looks great, everything else is mint and barely used.
Asking $500 for everything
Everything new would run you around $1200
I can throw in a hydra 26 led and free gooseneck for an additional $350 if anyone wanted.
This is a special package deal and wont break apart.
PM for any questions or inquiries


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