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Orange County - BBQ - 8/12/07

Okay, a date has been set ...... Sunday 8/12/07.
Location - Florida, NY, 10921

Meet and greet your fellow Orange County reefers, non-OC residents are also welcome. I'll supply the burgers and dogs you supply something else.

Who's coming?
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Okay, a date has been set ...... Sunday 8/11/07.

Who's coming?
Ok heading says the 11th and I'll make it on the 11th but that is a Saturday. Now the thread heading states the 11th and the first post says the 11th and there is only one sunday. 2 to 1, Saturday the 11th wins???
Just kidding. What's it's going to be Saturday or Sunday. With my current schedule if it's saturday i'll make it, if sunday I got to sweat and work that day.

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