Do you use Caulerpa in your saltwater system?

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New Reefer
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Bay Area Reefers! Just want to remind you all to consider using Chaetomorpha or other green algas as an alternative to Caulerpa in your refugium. It's must easier to control, won't cloud your tank, is free-floating and easy to remove, and is legal to use. Be responsible, don't use Caulerpa. Nine species of Caulerpa, including Grape Caulerpa and Feather Caulerpa are banned in California.

To get rid of Caulerpa, put it, and all the attached substrate, into a bag in the freezer overnight and put it in the trash.


Advanced Reefer
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We at BAR do take the caulerpa threat seriously and one need only look at what San Diego is going through to be reminded to be cautious. thanks for the reminder and i'll bring it up again at the meeting this Saturday.

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