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Anyone in the bay area looking for some fish stuff? I'm in Rohnert Park/Santa Rosa, and I have a ton of stuff for sale

First off, I have a gift certificate to Caesars Tropical fish for $227.00 that I'll sell for $175.

I also have a tank setup + dry goods for sale:

-100 gallon acrylic black background (5 ft. long) flawless, drained and emptied
Left rear corner overflow box

-Black oak stand and canopy with an 8 bulb 432 watt Sunlight supply Tek t5 setup custom mounted in the canpopy => good for keeping a temendous range of corals
*many extra bulbs included (Aquablue special (daylight+blue), Starcoat (daylight), Blue plus, & Actinic 03 blue)

- soft, lps, and most sps. I also had great sucess with maximas under the lights, and the cost of running them is SO much less then powering halides). Fans have also been installed in the canopy on either side, which always maintained tank temperature perfectly.

-Tunze powerhead with multicontroller (customizable wave simulation, and excellent)

-MaxiJet 1200 pumps

-Euroreef CS6-2 Skimmer

-several algae magnets (algae free, 2 mag floats)

-large CPR partitioned sump (fits under stand)

-Iwaki 30RLT

-Iwaki 30RLXT

-Phosban reactor

-Misc. dry goods/media (ChemiPure, kent carbon, phosban, food, etc.)

-mixing jugs/buckets/water storage containers

-RO/DI unit (new membrane, new DI resin) + TDS meter

-Pinpoint pH monitor

-Hach testing kits

-SpectraPure top off unit (with latest edition pump design) and extra pump for

-and more...

Best offers welcome for the time being...

I can be reached by PM or email (email is preferable, at: [email protected]). You might want to entitle emails "AQUARIUM" so that I don't miss any. =)

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