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Hey Guys:

My 12 year old daughter caught the reefing bug from me! She saved her money and got a 30 gallon rimless. I helped her set it up and we very patiently got it going. Two months later we got her fish. Didn't have room for a QT, but since the tank only had a pair of clowns I figured we would risk it and treat if ich happened.

Well, just shy of 2 weeks after introducing the fish the tang developed ich.

I am about to start the tank transfer method. I am setting up a 10 gallon tank but will need the 2nd 10 gallon tank.

I also want to put a low dosage of copper in the QT tanks to hopefully clear up any ich in the fishes gills?

Does anyone have a used 10 gallon tank and copper? I just need enough for 40 gallons (4 complete changes of water)

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