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I bought a 5in clown tang three months ago. He was super chuncky! All he likes is nori and multi flake seaweeed made by two little fishes, nothing more (frozen, flakes pellets). He is super skinny now. Is seaweed suppose to make him fatter or Is he withering away, please advise my dear reefers?


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It's very common with Clown tangs, either not eating or just eaten a one thing. Either way it's probably not enough for a tang that size to keep his weight up. You should try feeding it black worms and more nori sheets, which you can get cheap at korean/chinese grocery.


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Clown tangs are difficult.
Cali Reef use to have one that was a terror but probably one of the few that I've seen that did well in captivity. I've tried a handful of times in the past 20 years and not much success. I now have one from Divers Den, only about 2 months and he only grazes on algae in the tank despite my numerous attempts at all other foods including Reef Frenzy which usually gets to most finicky fish. Just starting grazing on Nori sheets but not a lot of gusto.
So far he's not losing weight, actually maybe gaining a little.
Buying from Divers Den, I know they are only "conditioned" fish but you would think that it was eating with a little more diversity then just algae.

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