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I saw a post on the Bayside Queen Facebook group that Fishtown is closing. I know there have been mixed reviews of this place over the years, but growing up in Bayside, that place was magical when I was kid, and I have been going there for almost 40+ years. I have bought many fish there over the years, with no issues. I think the owner "Mike" recently passed away. I thought his daughters were going to take it over.

I personally feel a big loss, even from a memories perspective.


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If it's true it's sad to know that Mike passed away. From what some people told me his daughter wasn't that interested in the business. I would think that instead of closing the business they would probably just sell the store, as it's had a number of different owners over the years.


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Just spoke to the manager Noel, and he told me that they are relocating! They will stay open

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My memories of Fishtown USA are from a LONG time ago when they had a location in Manhattan on 33rd Street and 3rd Avenue. It was the absolute best place in the 80's and I used to go as often as possible. The employees were always stuck up except for what I assume was the owner or manager that looked like James Edward Olmos. I don't remember his name, but he was always a nice guy.

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