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I posted this clip on my Larry's Reef Services Facebook page where it was shared about 140 times and viewed over 32K. I figured our friends over here might enjoy it as well since there certainly were a lot of comments on the post. It seems folks either love this clownfish or hate it.

We are fortunate to have customers around the globe frequently send us feeding videos with some of the rarest fish in the hobby. That video features a unique clownfish, but hidden in the shadows is a pair of Rainfordia opercularis, or Australian Flathead Perch. (If you are not familiar with that fish Todd Gardner has a pair spawning in his possession which he talked about at MACNA in the second video posted below.)

It is always exciting and humbling for our foods to be used in such great breeding success stories and to also be fed to beautiful and rare fish. If you enjoy this sort of thing I will continue to share more videos like these as we receive them.

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