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Many of you may recall the announcement which was made at MACNA 2014 in Denver, CO describing how renowned fish breeder Karen Brittain was able to successfully raise G personatus angelfish in Hawaii. After the announcement LRS received international spotlight since our Frenzy foods were used to feed the broodstock and juveniles. The diet was mentioned as an important part of the project.

Well this week Karen posted videos and photos on Facebook that she had another successful spawn and larval rearing of G. personatus. She mentioned she was working on breeding Bandit Angelfish and was pleasantly surprised when the larvae settled out and she determined what species they actually were. It is so awesome for LRS to be able to work with so many captive breeding projects by providing food which can be evaluated to help improve our blends. (Our new Fertility Frenzy was engineered for breeding marine fish. Learn more here:

This is especially exciting since and these fish will be offered to the retail market.

Please send me a PM if you would like contact information for one of the vendors offering these fish to retail consumers.

Meanwhile enjoy the photos of the parents and this video of the juveniles below. Photos of the juveniles courtesy of Karen Brittain and the adult photos taken by Lemon Tyk.




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