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Ok here is an FYI. Due to the fact that the LI LFS Drama queens cannot keep their drama off of the board the LI LFS threads have been closed. Unfortunately due to the fact that these owners and employees cannot be up front with everyone and tell everyone who they really are and keep coming here under aliases and beating each other up the general membership is suffering. But in order to keep the fighting off of the board this is the only way to keep the peace. The Store reviews have also been closed. Sorry for the inconvenience to the regular general membership but this is the fault of the LFS Drama Queens. If they could be civil and up front and not beat each other up then this would not be happening. Please do not start any more threads because they will be closed and or deleted. If you have any suggestions or input please feel free to PM me. But until the DQ's can be culled then this is the best way. Thank you for your cooperation and happy reefing.
Not open for further replies.

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