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Recently, I spotted these little guys at my LFS and the guys at the counter had no idea what they were. They came in with an order they had for white legged hermit crabs. Some google searches later and we ID’d them as gold spotted hermit crabs. They are seemingly quite lively and we’re doing fine in a tank with a few soft corals so I was intrigued. Google does not have much info on these little guys but they look great! I decided to get two of them for my small 46 gal reef tank since it’s my first tank and they look great! (don’t worry, my dad has been in the hobby for 20+ years so I’m not doing anything terrible) I’m wondering if I should document my findings on these creatures so more information is readily available to those that might want them. Let me know if that’s a good idea, otherwise, any advice on them or information that’s available is greatly appreciated. My tank consists of softies, LPS, an anemone, and SPS corals so I’ll keep everyone posted on how the crabs treat them.




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