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Stop by for Small Business Saturday. 25% off all fish & corals. 20% off salts, additives & dry foods. 11-6 Today & Tomorrow, in store only. 21 Grove St, Tenafly NJ 07670

Other specials (further discount does not apply)
GMK Zoa (single polyp) $350
Burning Ember Zoa (multi polyp frag - pictured) $100
Rainbow Ricordea florida colony 5-6 polyps $80
Palau Green Nepthea Frag $30
Joculator Angel $450
JUV Kiri Trigger $325
JUV Goldflake Angels $225
AI Nero, NYOS Torq, Vectra S2 10% off
Hikari Frozen Food - Buy 3/Get 1 free
Klir Roller Filter Set w/ Mounting Bracket & Roll $250

New stock including Rainbow Trachys, Xmas Island Hippo Tangs, Ultra & Master Scolys, Multicolor/Potters Angels, Earmuff Wrasse Pairs, Golden Dwarf Moray Eels


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