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Tons of new stuff in the last few weeks

Dry goods:
Klir Filter w/ Brackets
AI Nero 5 Pumps
Lots of LRS Frenzy Foods - buy 2 full size packs & get a free insulated pouch

Ultra BTAs/XL BTAs
Yellow Magnifica Anemone
Super Green Haddoni Carpet Anemone

Mertensi Carpet Anemone

White Tip Magnifica Anemone
Pepperoni Anemone Shrimp
Anemone Crabs
Squat Lobsters - Black, Red, Painted
Bullseye Pistol Shrimp
Ghost Pipefish Shrimp

Arrow Cleaning Shrimnp
Prima Shrimp
Sexy Shrimp

Blood Shrimp
Cleaner Shrimp
Peppermint Shrimp

Pom Pom Crabs
Mushroom Decorator Crabs

Emerald Crabs

Zebra Hermit Crabs
Porcelain Conch
Longspine Heart Urchins
Red/Blue Tuxedo Urchins
Rainbow Bell Urchins
Blacktip Fromia Starfish
Orange Icon Starfish
Red Octopus Macropus
Purple & Yellow Spiral Feather Duster
Hawaiian Feather Duster
3" Maxima Clams
Money Cowries

Torch -Toxic Green, Orange Tip, Pink Tip, Blacklight
Hammer - Orange, Pink, Purple Tip, Turquoise, Toxic Green Walls
Super Orange Fungias
Lots of Zoas & Zoa frags - LA Lakers, Jungle Juice, Candy Apple Reds, Purple Monsters, Electric Rastas, Sunny D's, Rainbow Incinerators, etc
Shrooms - Sunkist Bounce, Pink Interstellar, Deadpool, Kryptonite
Blasto wellsis
Orange Barbattoia
Trachys - Pastels, Reds, Yellows

Show Size Snowflake Toadstools

Mini Scolys - over 50 in stock - Greens, Pinks, Reds, Oranges
Acan lords - over 200 in stock - all grades colonies & frags

Purple Tangs
Chevron Tangs
Powder Blue Tangs

Sailfin Tangs - Regular & Red Sea
Sohal Tangs Small/Med
Mimic Tangs - Lemonpeel & Golden Half Black
Yellow Eye Kole Tang
Whitetail Kole Tang
Tomini Tang
Spotted Yellow Eye Kole Tang
Blonde Naso Tang

Blacktop Naso Tang

Blonde Naso Tang XL

True Opercularis Hog
Peppermint Hog
Yellow Candy Hog
Blue Throat Fairy Wrasse
Linespot Flasher Wrasse
Rosy Scale Fairy Wrasse
Social Fairy Wrasse

Earmuff Wrasse
Hoeven's Wrasse

Timorensis Wrasse
Ornate Leopard Wrasse
Black Leopard Wrasse

Yellow Coris Wrasse
Black Cap Pencil Wrasse Pairs

Painted Pencil Wrasse

Hartzfield Wrasse
Meleagris Leopard Wrasse
Moyeri Leopard Wrasse
Red Sea Eight Line Flasher Wrasse
Pink Streak Wrasse

Yellow Flank Fairy Wrasse

Yellowband Possum Wrasse

Longnose Hawk
Quoyi Parrotfish
Leopard Toby

Blue Stripe Pipefish

Joculator Angel Juv & Pair
Potters Angel
Flame Angels
Lamarck Angel

Zebra Swallowtail Angel
Coral Beauty
Scribbled Angel Juveniles & Adults
Xmas Island Orangetail Emperor Angel
XL Juv Emperor Angel Maldives
Majestic Angel
Red Sea Raccoon Butterfly

One Spot Yellow Foxiface
Blue Blanquillo


Mosaic Filefish
Golden Puffer
Indicus Durgeon Trigger

Lined Dartfish
Exquisite Purple Firefish
Red Firefish

Dracula Goby Pairs
Randall Shrimp Goby Pairs
Vanderhorstia Shrimp Goby
Candy Cane Shrimp Goby pairs
Metallic Shrimp Goby Pairs

Bella Sleeper Goby
Wardi Sleeper Goby
Gold Midas Blennies
Flametail Bicolor Blennies

Red & Regular Scooter Blennies
Black & Blue Springer Damsels
Bimac Anthias Males & Females
Ignitus Anthias
Bartletts Anthias
Lyretail Anthias Males & Females
Mappa Puffers
Nano Gobies - Mini Tryssogobius, Trimmas/Eviotas/Priolepis
Golden Dwarf Moray Eels
Fuzzy Dwarf Lions - Super Red & Ultra Yellow
Barberi Red Eye Lion

Wartskin Angler


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