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Tenafly, NJ
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We have the following all ready to go:

8 Line Flasher Wrasse Male
Lineatus Wrasse Supermale
Laboutei Wrasse Large Male
Moyeri Leopard Wrasse
Meleagris Leopard Wrasse

Potters Leopard Wrasse
Pallidus Halichoeres

Earmuff Wrasse Males/Pairs
Sailfin Fairy Wrasse Male XL
Pintail Wrasse Male XL
Magma Wrasse

China Wrasse

Other nice fish:
Aurulentus Anthias
Olive Anthias
Bartlett Anthias
Red Eye Barberi Lionfish

Sm & Med Chevron Tangs

Blue Hippo Tang S & ML
Mimic Tangs - Lemonpeel & Golden Half Black Mimic

Kole Tangs
Whitetail Kole Tang

Goldflake Angel Small Adult
Juv Lemonpeel Angel
XXL Flame Angel
Majestic Angel

One Spot Foxface

Golden Puffer
Xmas Island Orangetail Emperor Angel

Golden Dwarf Moray

Scribbled Angels West Aus
True Personifer Angel

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