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Tenafly, NJ
Rating - 100%
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We have some great stock on hand for the weekend. Loaded on all sorts of food - live, frozen, dried & refrigerated

Zebra Wunderpus Octopus

Anemones - XL/XXL BTAs, LTAs, Carpets, Tube Anemones, Club Tip

Shrimp - Cleaners, Fires, Prima, Sexy, Pepperoni, Bumble Bee, Ghost Pipefish, Harlequin, Bongo, Red Emperor, Coral Banded, Gold Coral Banded, Zanzibar Coral Banded, Ghost Cave, Green Ciliata Mantis, Red Glabrous Mantis, Deepwater Sugar Cane

Crabs - Halloween Hermits, Orange Tip Hermits, Purple Reef Hermits, Arrows, Anemone, Spider

Starfish - Brittles, Volcano Fromia, Red Fromia, Red Crinoid Feathers, Chocolate Chips

Gobies - White Caps, Draculas, Candy Canes, Lagoons, Randalls, Jumbo Purple Firefish, Yellow Watchman, Metallic Shrimp, Diagonal Prawn, Linki, Fusigobius, Vanderhorstia, Pandas, Nano Trimma, Tevagae, Eviota

Linespot Trigger Pair
Orange Frilly Rhinopias
Fuscus Trigger
Exquisite Wrasse
McCosker Wrasse
Adult Annularis Angel
Juvenile Emperor Angel
Sohal Tangs
Small Purple Tangs
Mitratus Butterfly
Golden Midas Blennies
Ornate/Black/Meleagris/Bipartitus Leopard Wrasse
Lemon Meringue/Melanurus/Yellow Coris/Royal Pencil Wrasse Pairs & Males
Finger Dragonettes
Red Scooter Blennies

Lots of snails, heart urchins, conch, tuxedos, etc the list goes on!

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