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Hello! Looking for ideas, was setting up a new acrylic tank, has a flat bottom, the stand is a flat top, not solid wood. I put a little water in to see how leveled it was, had to shim/raise one side about 3/8 to 1/2 inch. But then I thought, towards the middle there is nothing supporting and I’m guessing the weight of a full tank would bow the tank and/or stand.
Looking for ideas or product I could use? I was think of using two leveling aquarium mats? One between the tank and stand and another under the stand.. does a thicker 1/2 inch leveler exist? Thanks


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You should only use plastic or wood shims to level the stand; after the tank is level, you may use a 1/4-inch self-leveling mat. If you still prefer a 1/2-inch mat, they offer those as well.

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Use the leveler between the tank and stand and shim the stand for anything left. Leveler doesn’t go between the floor and stand.

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