I am getting rid of my 150G sump because it is too tall and I have no working clearance underneath it. It is 4' long, 2' wide, and 31" tall.

The sump has 15 holes drilled in it, including 3 in the bottom. I used the holes in the bottom to facilitate water changes.

The sump also has 3 baffles.

The sump does have one chip in it. It's on one of the corners, but it does not leak. If not for this inperfection, I would be selling the sump instead of giving it away.

Below is a picture of it when it was new. It is two years old now. It was built buy glasscages.com and cost me about $900, IIRC.

It weighs a about 400 pounds.

I intend to take it our of service next Saturday, 4/14/06. It would be available for you to pick up after that.

You must provide the muscle to lift it and haul it off. It's a four man job. Two of those four need to be pretty beefy guys.

Bulkheads are not included.



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