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Hi All, newbie here, I'm born and raised here in Miami FL.
I got into the hobby after becoming an advanced certified diver 15 years back.
I own a:
144 Half Circle Reef Tank
Dual Overflows
Refugium Filter/LED with Cheato and mangrove
Berlin Skimmer
Mag Pump
Reservoir Kalk/Cal Tank
Drip System
193 Watts of LED Lights
and Actinic Blue Streamers
Coralife Dual Timers Strip
Ground Wire
No UV Light. I personally feel that UV Light removes needed natural algaes and other living organisms that the aquarium should have. My tanks has been running for 8 years and has never encounter an ICK problem

Just a bunch of
Waving Hands
Blue, Green, Red Shrooms
Green Eyed Zoas
Some Acropora

Blue Tang
Orange Shoulder Tang
Strawberry Sand Goby
Blue Neons
Australian Sail fin Tang
Pair Red Tomato Clowns
Black Spot Fox Face
Humbug Black-tail Angelfish
Flame Angel
Coral Beauty
Pink Square back Anthias
Huge Green Serpent Starfish
Black Cucumbers
Pink Cucumber
Emerald Crabs

Let me know what you think

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