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I was curious and can't seem to find a direct answer online. My canister was being blocked so water flow was greatly reduced. I didnt realize at first due to school and work and other life things taking my attention. I had a few acros and montis developed stn/rtn. I was checking everything and tested then realized the filter wasn't pushing much water. I fixed the issue and things seem to be coming back (even the stn pieces). what does a low turnover rate do to a reef tank? I have a 30Xh with 22 gals of total volume. canister runs 303gph. my average turnover rate is 13.7 gals not including skimmer


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Don't worry about turnover rate, get yourself a decent flow pump (vortech, gyre, etc) there are a ton out there.

Definitely don't depend on your canister for flow to your aquarium. You want to make sure you have enough flow to keep things happy. When I wasn't sure what enough flow was I watched videos of successful reefs and looked at home things moved (polyps, lps, fish) and tried to recreate that using my pumps. See if there are any local reefers than can let you see their tanks. Check with Kenny from Pieces of the Ocean, he know's what he's doing and can help steer you right.

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