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Now with english subtitles!
Fauna Marin visits Polo Reef by Andrew Sandler in the USA! Claude Schuhmacher shows you the huge 80,000 liter "living room" aquarium and talks about the topic "fish in the aquarium".

At Fauna Marin its all about marine aquaristics!
For over 35 years we have been driven by the dream of the perfect reef aquarium.
We follow a plan, an idea and the example of nature to create a whole world in the smallest space.
Fauna Marin products define the state-of-the-art of modern marine aquaristics and enable even ambitious beginners to successfully keep the most sensitive reef inhabitants.
Fauna Marin combines experience in aquaristics with innovative technologies for modern and sustainable reef aquaristics. But one thing always remains the same: the unconditional will for the best product for your success.

Fauna Marin's in-house water analysis laboratory is equipped with the most modern equipment for water analysis. Our test equipment is specifically designed to meet the special requirements of testing highly complex and chemically complicated seawater mixtures.
Based on our interpretation procedure, we also obtain insights into trend developments and provide you with individual tips and advice on aquarium maintenance or problem-solving suggestions.
We present all test results, diagrams and recommendations for action from our ICP water analysis laboratory in a compact and clear form. The connected database looks at all values in all their complexity, compares them and shows you the best way to an optimally functioning coral reef aquarium. It has never been so easy!

Corals & Store
One of the largest coral breeding facilities in Europe is located near Stuttgart:
Thousands of SPS-, LPS, crustaceans-, Soft- and NPS-corals in over 30,000 liters of saltwater make the heart of every marine aquarist beat faster. A large selection of feeds for fish and corals, salt, nutrients and trace elements from Fauna Marin`s own production complete the rich offer.

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