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Hi all, I have an issue with my existing Apex Fusion. I had a brief power outage and apex would not log back in automatically. I’ve manually reset it, and was able to log in. The issue is that this created a new version of my Apex, meaning my original Apex shows as disconnected and the new one is all wrong, meaning all of the outlet names are now something different, not mine! Example, the first outlet (on my original apex) was Left AI Prime light, but it was a virtual outlet, apex just controlled the scheduling and the light intensity. Now it is called Light1 and I see it as Auto (on), but my lights are off, I keeping turning it on and off and nothing happens, apparently the outlet it named Lights1 turned out to control my heater, so for the last 4 hours my heater was on and my lights were off. Also one of my sensors are showing, so I don’t see pH, I don’t see Salinity, the Temperature and ORP. I tried deleting this new aquarium, it deletes it but I still cannot connect it to my original aquarium. I’ve spend the last 4 hours removing, resetting, hard resetting, delinking using link tokens, nothing delinks it to my original apex. It shows 2 Apex aquariums (controllers) with the same Serial Number! WTF?!
Please any help???? Feel free to call
Me at 347-556-2784.
I am dying here. And I cannot wait for Fusion Tech support as I am leaving for a 3 week vacation tomorrow morning!!!


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