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In Stock Special!!!!!!!!!!!!

We now have in stock Reef Dynamics Bio-Pellet Reactors. These reactors have multiple features that are unique to them. We are having a special sale on our current stock

The cost of the reactors are listed below

REEF DYNAMICS BIO-PELLET REACTOR 135 BPR135 MSRP $299.00. On sale for $239

REEF DYNAMICS BIO-PELLET REACTOR 250 BPR250 MSRP $399.00 On sale for $329

And we have one slightly used REEF DYNAMICS BIO-PELLET REACTOR 500 (a monster) which retails for $499 that is on sale for $389

I use this reactor and have had amazing results. It you want to see the reactor in action drop by the store we have one on our coral systems. I have included a link to the Reef Dynamics site which gives detailed specs and a great video how these machines work

Give yourself an early Christmas present:party:

Thanks for looking

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